Thursday, January 23, 2014

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By: Jami Gold

Almost two years ago, I posted advice for howto find beta readers. In the time since then, many people have asked me where they can find beta readers. I’d love to be able to offer a mega-list of resources for finding beta readers, and maybe this post can be the first step.

As I mentioned in that older post, if someone can give honest feedback, they can be a beta reader. Beta readers typically comment on things like confusing sentences or plot events, where their attention wavers, and what they think of the characters.

So we’re not necessarily looking for writing craft experts. Instead, we’re often looking for people we connect with, people who will follow through on promises, and people who can read with awareness. That means we want someone who will push us and our story to be better.

Step One: Want to Be Better

Before we look for beta readers, we have to ensure that we’re ready to receive feedback. It won’t do any good to track down beta readers if we’re going to ignore everything they say or if we’re going to get upset that they didn’t love our work as is.

Beta readers are not cheerleaders. We’re wasting their time if we can’t honestly want to hear what they have to say. (That doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they say. *smile*)
If we waste their time, they won’t want to work with us again. And if that happens, we’re back at square one in looking for beta readers. So if we want to keep beta readers, we have to value their time and at least respect their feedback.

Where Can We Find Beta Readers?

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