Friday, November 15, 2013

A Gold Mine of Writing & Marketing Links from Writer's Relief

By: Writer's Relief
Thank you so much to Kathy for hosting Writer’sRelief today. Having worked in the publishing industry since 1994, helping writers prepare and target their work to the best-suited literary markets, we have lots of advice that we’re eager to share.

In addition to offering our specialized assistance to writers as Writer’s Relief, we’ve also created our subsidiary company, WebDesign Relief, through which we design and build customized author websites. 

With all of that experience under our belts, we’ve had the time and opportunity to share our expertise in our regular blog articles, which include lots of marketing advice for writers. We’ve compiled this list of 28 links to a wide variety of our favorite articles on marketing, from creating a great author website to giving a memorable open mike reading. We hope you enjoy!
  1. Seven Ways To Build Your Reputation As A CreativeWriter
  2. Promoting Your Writing—Creating The Ultimate AuthorWebsite For Your Books, Stories, Or Poems
  3. Do Pre-Published Authors Need A Website?
  4. Post Your Writing Online: 3 Mistakes And 4 Tips
  5. Three Ways To Promote Your Collection Or BookWithout Leaving The House
  6. Permission Granted: Why It Is OK To EmbraceSelf-Promotion
  7. Top 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Author Website
  8. 9 Ways To Become More Googleable—A Primer ForReputation-Building Writers
  9. Author Website Copy: Five Essential Tips For WritingWeb Text
  10. 7 Ways To Turn Visitors Into Fans
  11. Eleven Deadly Sins Of Online Promotion For Writers
  12. Writers: Create Your Digital Press Kit
  13. Three Easy Marketing Ideas For Shy Writers
  14. The 8 Golden Rules For Blogging Without BeingObnoxious
  15. Your Author Mailing List, Part 1: How To Use YourMailing List To Gain More Fans
  16. Your Author Mailing List, Part 2: 6 Things That WillAnnoy Your Subscribers
  17. Your Self-Published Book: Promoting With Giveaways
  18. 5Ways Goodreads Can Help Your Writing Career
  19. Facebook For Writers: How To Get More Friends AndFans
  20. Author Platform: Tweet As Your Character!
  21. YouTube For Writers: How To Make Web Videos APowerhouse Of Promotion
  22. Pinterest: 5 Tips For Building Your Author PlatformAnd Web Presence
  23. Social Networking For People Who Hate SocialNetworking
  24. Effective Cross-Promotion: Create Your Power PromoTeam
  25. Networking For Writers: How To Work A Room Full OfAgents And Editors:
  26. NetworkUp! How To Meet Literary Agents And Editors On The Web
  27. Writer Business Cards: 5 Ways To Think Outside TheBox
  28. Open Mike Night: Ten Tips For Reading Your WritingIn Public

Thank you again to Kathy for hosting us. We hope you enjoy the articles above, and don’t forget to check out our FreePublishing Tool Kit for more tips and resources for writers! 

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