Monday, August 5, 2013

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Instead of running yesterday, I biked. First time I’ve been on a bike for several decades. Let me just say that I did better than I would have done if I’d been on a horse. Yikes, I hate to think of how sore I’d be today if I’d gone horseback riding.

Although I looked rather dorky in my son-in-law’s helmet and my Hoka running shoes and fuel belt, I didn't care. I was with my grand kids and my daughter and they love me regardless of how silly I looked, especially when I wobbled. I couldn't figure out how to shift gears so I could ride up hill without feeling the burn in my thighs. I stopped, fiddled with the gears, which caused the chain to jump the rear chain ring. My hands got greasy putting it back on, but I fixed it and didn't have to walk home and tell my son-in-law that I messed up his fancy bike.

By far, it’s easier to maneuver through a crowded park on two legs than two wheels. But I enjoyed biking enough to want to buy one. If I do start biking regularly, that will put me one step closer to eventually trying a mini-triathelon. Now, if I could just remember how to swim. Oh, that’s something else you don’t forget how to do. It’s called muscle memory. If I had to relie on my regular memory, I’d be out of luck.  

My daughter kept telling me, “You’re doing well, Mom.” That reminds me of her reaction to my writing. “You’re a good writer, Mom.”

Our families see us as few other people do. That’s why having good critique partners and beta readers make us stronger writers. We need folks to challenge us to dig deeper, to find stronger verbs and nouns instead of those fallback words we use on every page. Don’t worry about looking dorky. Push yourself today to up your game. Find new words to use. Remove a few “thens” from your sentences, and cut extra words that add nothing but filler to your paragraphs.

Write tighter. Write smarter. Write better.

That’s my goal for today as I finish this round of edits before sending the manuscript to one last beta reader.  

Happy writing & running (or biking or swimming), Kathy


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