Thursday, July 18, 2013

Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts PLUS Pictures From My Adventure in the UK

At the top of the London Eye
I’m back from the UK and exhausted. I’m more tired than I was after I ran the Air Force Marathon last September. If it was possible to have a travel delay, we had one (except for the awesome rail system in the UK).
At Covent Garden

Yesterday, I started the day at 12:00 AM EST and crawled into bed at 10:00 PM EST. My brain isn’t working so well this morning even after 2 cups of coffee, but I think that’s about 22 hours without sleep. Instead of napping during the international flight, I watched three movies. LINCOLN was just as good the second time around.

I have many observations to share, but for the next day or two, I’ll post pictures while I try to get my head around my first experience overseas and what I learned. I do know that my idea of a vacation has always been a couple of weeks at the beach reading and relaxing. Spending every day of a two-week vacation sightseeing (or traveling) with little or no down time requires, at least for me, a week to recover. Then I’m off to NYC for a couple of weeks. 

The trip was, however, the most exciting adventure I've ever had, and Ken is an incredible boyfriend to have given me such a fantastic gift. I have read many books about London and Edinburgh. Now, I have wonderful memories to treasure and write about. Thank you, Sweetie, for this gift. 
The Tower Bridge
At Selfridges - A Jelly Bean Harry
I LOVED the Masterpiece series on Harry Gordon Selfridges

At the Sherlock Holmes Museum
The modern prime meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
At King's Crossing

In Edinburgh

The Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh
I want a sporran!

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I’m always looking for great content to share. If you have a writing and/or marketing blog, or have a favorite that you visit often, please leave a link in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy writing & running, Kathy


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