Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Anne Lyle Poe Lowry Brown
For the last seven days, my siblings and I have gathered at my 86 year old mother’s bedside. Each of us had stories to tell not only about Mom, but each other, too.  We laughed and cried, but mostly, we laughed. Her little body held on days longer than we expected. The hospice nurse said she was holding on for some reason. We believed it was because her children and grandchildren surrounded her with love and attention, and she wasn’t ready to leave the party.

As I reflected on the stories, I was reminded of why I have a passion for writing and where that passion originated. It’s from the pure joy of telling stories that touch a listener’s heart just as my siblings and I do every time we say, "I remember when . . ." 

Many of the themes found in my writing are directly attributable to the family environment in which I was raised. That environment was often mixed with conflict, but without conflict, you have no story to tell.
Anne Lyle Poe Lowry Brown
October 1, 1926 - June 30, 2013

It has been a blessed week, and I am filled with joy because I know my mom is dancing in Heaven. And there isn’t any better story than that!


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Unknown said...

Enjoyed your post. All life should be celebrated. That you could do so around one about to pass makes it that much more special.

Unknown said...

A.H., it was very special. A week, a story we will never forget.