Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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BROWN Anne Lyle Poe Lowry, 86, last surviving child of Oran Stedman and Kathleen Koonce Poe, died early Sunday morning, June 30, 2103.

Anne Lyle was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC. Graduated from Winthrop College and Presbyterian Training School of Christian Education in Richmond, VA. 

The widow of Rev. James I. Lowry and Lewis J. Brown is survived by five children: 

Mimi Lowry (Ned) Beckes 
Katherine Lowry Logan 
James I. Lowry IV 
Robert Julian Lowry (Donna) 
David Stedman Lowry (Rhonda) 

She also was the proud grandmother to 13 and great-grandmother to 11. A long time member of Second Presbyterian, she was an excellent seamstress, cook, golfer, real estate broker, family Rook Champion and loving mother.

Brother-in-Law Ned Beckes
Bob Lowry, Jim Lowry, Taylor Lowry, Mimi L. Beckes

Katherine Lowry Logan with
children and grandchildren


David Lowry and family


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