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19 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts PLUS Comments From Author Clive Eaton on Writer's Block

Please welcome to Tabor Lane my friend and author Clive Eaton (@CliveEaton). “If you enjoy thrillers which, make you think beyond the obvious, are laced with intrigue, provide problems to solve, and have more twists than a mountain road,” then you’ll enjoy Clive’s book THE PYRAMID LEGACY. I loved the story and can’t wait for the sequel OPERATION STONEHENGE.

Here’s my review of THE PYRAMID LEGACY, which by the way, I gave ★★★★★:

I purchased this ebook because I've always been fascinated by the pyramids. Although I write romance, I love to read mystery and suspense novels. When I discovered this book was a mystery involving pyramids, well, I knew I had to read the story.

Eaton did a marvelous job with his debut novel not only with his phenomenal research and creativity but in developing fleshed out characters with realistic motivations. The interaction between robotics engineer Ben Anderson and his girlfriend astrophysicist Samantha Gibson provides balance to the tense, fast-paced story line.
The Pyramid Legacy 
Available at Amazon

I can generally figure out where a story is going, but this one had me baffled as it flew from one clue to another, taking me along for an electrifying ride. There was one scene that kept nagging at me, but I still couldn't put it together. Well done, Mr. Eaton.

If you're searching for a book to read that will keep you thoroughly entertained and looking for ways to squeeze in extra reading minutes before you head out to work, this book is for you.

Today, Clive’s talking about his solution to writer’s block. He mention’s Norfolk, but that’s not the city in Virginia where I lived as a child. It’s an international sister city in the UK, although it's technically a county.


I’ve found the solution to writer’s block . . . photography. Yes it’s true; one creative process seems to trigger the other.

Earlier today after possibly one of the coldest nights in recent years in Norfolk I was greeted with stunning blue skies, which provided an idyllic backdrop to sparkling snow laden trees. Time spent in the garden with my trusted Canon, in what I must add, were extremely cold conditions, cleared my head for the day.  A sense of calmness engulfed me, as nature provided entertainment. The garden birds were busy trying to extract a source of energy for their bodies from the feeder, their beaks pecking away furiously at the nuts and seeds it contained. The apple tree, devoid of the fruit and leaves which autumn had plucked from its grasp, seemed to shiver in the shadow of the majestic oak. Hares scampered across the snow covered fields in search of hidden food, whilst a nearby pheasant gave its familiar warning cry.

After capturing a number of winter images, via the digital chip housed within my camera, I decided it was time to return to the warmth of my kitchen. Within minutes the kettle was whistling merrily as the heat of the Aga did its job. I made a mug of fresh coffee and sat down in front of my laptop. I was now in the right frame of mind to add more words and chapters to my current work-in-progress . . . Operation Stonehenge

What about you? How do you handle writer's block?

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I’m always looking for great content to share. If you have a writing and/or marketing blog, or have a favorite that you visit often, please leave a link in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy writing & running, Kathy

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