Friday, March 23, 2012

Nine Days to the Finish Line - Spring

Several days ago I talked about standing on the cusp of change at one end of a rickety bridge. That’s where I was last year when I decided to start exercising. With high hope, I put on a pair of walking shoes and stepped into summer.  

I don’t think anything represents change as well as the seasons. Summer fun turns into harvest time, then everything falls asleep wrapped in blankets of white until all is new again. 

I have now entered the fourth season, the season of everything new again.  

In 9 days, I’ll release The Ruby Brooch, a time-travel romance and the story of my heart. In 9 days, I’ll lace up my running shoes and participate in the most grueling experience of my life, well, except for birthing two children.

And everything will be new again.

I’ll no longer be editing a manuscript, I’ll be finding ways to market it. I’ll no longer be training to run a race, I’ll be a runner who also races. I’ll also continue to be a writer, because that’s what I do.   

But probably the one thing that outshines my book release and running is the man in my life who truly has made everything new again. Thank you, Ken, for teaching this romance writer what romance is all about. 

I hope you will enjoy Nichole Nordeman’s Every Season. She expresses with her incredible voice that "what was frozen through is newly purposed, turning all things green."


Happy writing and running, Kathy

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