Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Ruby Brooch Book Trailer

Following the tragic deaths of her parents in a crash she survives, pioneer-era reenactor and paramedic Kitherina MacKlenna discovers a trunk with a ruby brooch and a letter revealing family secrets. The brooch has mystical powers that transport her back to 1852 and a perilous two thousand mile journey along the Oregon Trail in search of her identity. 

She boldly risks her life to save her traveling companions from accidents and disease. But it’s the passionate feelings Cullen Montgomery inspires that test her meddle and threaten her fragile heart. The last thing Cullen wants is a reckless, mule-headed female distracting him from his dream - a law practice and the perfect sweetheart waiting for him in California. But the pain he recognizes in Kit’s green eyes reflects his own deep-seated guilt. 

Can he heal them both without falling in love with the woman who ignites his fury and stirs his passion? Or, will he lose his dream and his heart? Will she discover her identity and find the courage to love again in a time not her own? Or will she return to the safety of MacKlenna Farm leaving behind the man who owns her heart.   

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