Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Ruby Brooch - a time-travel, historical romance

"Tell me about your story . . ."

As an author, I am often asked about my work-in-progress. Instead of going on for five minutes about the story line, I've learned to narrow it down to a high concept statement:

The Ruby Brooch is an R-Rated "Little House on The Prairie" meeting "Somewhere In Time" with a "Perry Mason" moment.
After that high concept statement, I have a pitch:

From the twenty-first century white-planked fenced pastures of Lexington, Kentucky, to the nineteenth century Oregon Trail, Katherine Lowry Logan weaves a story rich in detail and mystery and takes us on one woman’s journey of recovery and discovery as she searches for her true identity.

Following the tragic death of her parents and fiancĂ©, Kitherina MacKlenna discovers an antique trunk. Inside is an exquisite, hand-made Chantilly lace shawl monogrammed with an M, and a Celtic brooch made of Iona marble with a stop-light red ruby in the center. The brooch has mystical powers that transport Kit back to the nineteenth century along the Oregon Trail. The dangers Kit faces along the way do nothing to distract her from the grief and guilt she carries. Though she willingly risks her life to save her traveling companions, when faced with Cullen Montgomery’s over-protectiveness and the passionate feelings he inspires, Kit finds her nerve crumbling. Is she brave enough to love again, or live permanently in a time not her own?

Cullen Montgomery is a quintessential Renaissance man. The last thing he needs is a reckless, mule-headed female distracting him from his legal career and the sweetheart waiting for him in California. But the pain he recognizes in Kit's green eyes reflects his own deep-seated guilt. Can he heal them both without falling in love with the woman who stirs his passion, ignites his fury, and confounds his logic? Or will he lose everything along the Oregon Trail, including his heart?

And after the pitch, I say . . . “I'll send you an Amazon link when the book is available! I hope you'll enjoy it.”

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