Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Scottish Clan Montgomery

The hero in THE RUBY BROOCH is Cullen Montgomery. I decided on Cullen's name for a couple of reasons. My grandson, James Cullen, is named after his great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Cullen, who was part of the 1916 Easter Uprising in Dublin, which eventually led to the foundation of the Free State of Ireland and then to the Republic. During the uprising, he was stationed at the Four Courts, which saw heavy fighting. He was also a member of the Celtic Literary Society.

The name Montgomery is from my side of the family and dates back to Major John Montgomery born in 1670. Major Montgomery's grandson, John, immigrated from Ulster to America in 1720 and married Esther Houston. They settled in Augusta County, Virginia. Their daughter, Dorcus Montgomery, married John Edmondson Lowry. Dorcus was my great-great-great- grandmother.

The name Montgomery dates back to Norman times. The clan name first appeared in Scotland in the 12th Century.
For more information check out the Clan Montgomery Society.

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