Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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By: Ruth Harris

As a former editor, I’m biased but, as a writer, I’ve learned that for me (and for just about every writer I know), editing is the most productive and transformative part of writing a book. Whether you hire a pro, rely on a crit partner, or DIY with or without input from beta readers, editing can take longer than writing and can turn an OMG-did-I-write-that? draft into a book you can be proud of.

Or not.

More on the downside later, but to begin on the bright side: If you are a beginning writer your editors are your teachers and mentors and will rescue you from the sh*tty first draft. If you’re an experienced writer, your editor can be the invaluable second pair of eyes.

9 ways your editor can help.
  1. Editing is your opportunity to figure out what you really mean to say and how best to say it.
  2. Editing will save you from yourself and your worst tendencies.
  3. Editing gives you the chance to come up with the killer line of dialogue, the mot juste, the cliffhanger that keeps the pages turning.
  4. Editing is the stage at which you cut the bloat or expand and amplify when you’ve gone too bare bones.
  5. Editing can shore up a blah plot, identify, fill and fix plot holes, and turn wooden characters into living, breathing, believable people.
  6. Editing gives you a chance to pick up the pace when the story lags and slow it down when you need to give the reader a chance to breathe.

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