Monday, January 25, 2016

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By: Emily Wenstrom

There are plenty of methods and extensive questionnaires out there to help your character development. Charlaine Harris sometimes goes through her characters’ handbags. Marcel Proust famously used a list of thirty-five meticulous questions to determine everything from nicknames to what talent your character would most like to have.

And for sure, the more you know about your character, the better. But I’ve always felt that these approaches tend to be overly complicated and time-consuming … and they don’t necessarily give you the information that’s really most critical to power your story.

Instead, I go for a more efficient approach that cuts right to the character’s heart. I look only to the key factors that define the character’s core and drive the plot. The more cosmetic stuff like nicknames I figure out as I write.

4 Questions to Improve Your Character Development

So if you’re ready to get writing and don’t want to waste time on extensive questionnaires, try out my four questions to go deeper with your characters:

1. Where does your character come from?

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