Thursday, January 28, 2016

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By: Angela Booth

You’re writing a book, and of course you want to finish it.  Here’s what ensures that you’ll do that: write every day.

In The Wait of the World’s on Dan Brown – bestselling author Dan Brown is quoted on his working habits:

“… ‘For me, writing is a discipline, much like playing a musical instrument; it requires constant practice and honing of skills. For this reason, I write seven days a week. So, my routine begins at around 4:00 AM every morning, when there are no distractions.'”

Writing your book every day: tips to help

1. Schedule time to write, even if it’s only five minutes

If you can turn daily writing into a habit, you’ll not only have more fun with your writing, but you’ll also complete your book.

Avoid making heavy demands on yourself while you’re developing your writing habit. Schedule five minutes. Anyone can spend five minutes a day writing. Inevitably, sooner or later, your five minutes will become ten, then 20.

2. Change your writing tools, and/ or your location if you’re feeling stuck

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