Sunday, January 3, 2016

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By: Heather Hart

Over the past several years, I have often talked about setting goals and pursuing your dreams. However, deep down, I hate change.

This is a lifelong thing for me, with really bad side effects. Most notably, that I often get stuck in a rut instead of making much needed changes. Especially when it comes to pursuing my goals and living life to its fullest. I tend to stick with what was easy, instead of what would be best. But no more.

Earlier this year, I met with Shelley and officially resigned my position at You will probably still see me around from time to time as Shelley and I continue to co-author books, however I am stepping down from full-time involvement.


No matter how hard I fought it, it was time for a change.

I am passionate about helping other authors make their dreams come true, but I am also passionate about my faith, family and writing, and I have been fighting to find a balance for some time now. Which led me to re-evaluate my goals. And today, I would like to encourage you to do the same.

How to Make Sure Your Goals Are Right For You

It is easy to get caught up in goals that we feel like we should set. We will call them “common goals”, but the problem is, none of really want to set a goal to be “common”. If we stop to think about it, we want to stand out. However, when we start setting “common goals” our ability to reach our full potential and shine gets greatly diminished and we suffer.

In my life, I was suffering because as much as I loved the goals I was working towards, they weren’t really right for me. I felt weighted down and unsatisfied– even when I surpassed the goals I had set. Which is what finally led me to rethink my goals. What I found, is that there are three steps to setting goals that will make your dreams come true.

Step #1: Identify Your Passion

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