Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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By: Jody Hedlund

You might be asking (like many of my faithful readers): Exactly what is the difference between a historical and a historical romance? Both are fiction. But what sets them apart?

The importance of the romance. 

For a historical romance, the romance elements are front and center stage. While there may be other external and internal plot elements going on throughout the story, the romance plot rises above them all. Avid readers of romance will expect the book to have all the elements important in the romance genre including likable hero/heroine, romantic tension all the way to the end, a happily ever after, etc. 

In a historical, however, there may or may not be romance. Most authors include at least a little bit of a love interest. But the historical genre as a whole doesn't have a required expectation of having romance in it. If some kind of romantic relationship is there, it doesn't have to be a large part of the plot and is often overshadowed by other story elements (like in The Orphan Train by Christina Klein).

The amount of historical detail woven into the story.

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