Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Research trip to England and France

More on my research trip to England and France…

On Friday, we took the Eurostar to Paris, switched trains, and traveled to Caen. From there, we took a taxi to Bayeux, a small town founded in the first century BC. It was also the first city of the Battle of Normandy to be liberated. If I could, I would have stayed there forever! It was everything I imagined a French town to be. We stayed at the boutique hotel the Villa Lara in the heart of the historic center. The room, service, attention to detail, and incredible staff added the “plus” to a five-star visit to Normandy, but more about that later.

On our way to Caen.

Looking for a restaurant! 

Bayeux Cathedral consecrated on July 14, 1077

Glass of wine at the hotel after a long day of touring.

6-mile run around Bayeux on Monday, July 20

Had to stop for a selfie while out for a run.

Bayeux Cathedral

Pillow cover I purchased in the gift shop after viewing
the Bayeux Tapestry - an embroidered cloth, nearly 230 feet long
that celebrates the history and story of William the Conqueror.

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