Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Diana Urban

Savvy authors and publishers know that publishing a series can effectively generate repeat purchases because readers become invested in the world and its characters, and become eager to see more of them.

They also know discounting books in a series is a powerful marketing strategy for attracting new readers. 94 percent of BookBub authors who dropped the price of a book in a series sold more of other books in the series during their promotion.

Which book should you discount?

Many authors and publishers use BookBub to advertise their series price promotions, but one question we hear regularly is: which book in my series should I discount?

On average, our partners have seen a five times higher increase in sales of the other books in a series when the first book is discounted vs. any other book in the series.

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How much should you discount this book?

When you discount the first book in your series, the price point you choose will impact volume of sales of this book and others in your series. Downloads of free books featured by BookBub are 10x higher than downloads for $0.99 books.

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