Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Anthony Ehlers

Most of us don’t speak in a continuous monotone. Even newsreaders have a slight lilt in their delivery. Nobody knows the value of a well-placed emphasis better than a teenage girl. (‘Oh, that’s sooo embarrassing!’). Did you notice how the italics were showing the emphasis there?


OK, let’s imagine a group of girls at a party. Everything’s going well – the DJ’s playing One Direction, the boys are acting cool, the girls are dressed like the cast of Gossip Girl – when Tanya storms up to a girl named Chloe.

‘Did you say Keri slept with my boyfriend?’ Tanya demanded.

OMG! How does Chloe respond?

What meaning do you want to stress in your dialogue?

Let’s look at how an emphasis in italics affects the way we understand the dialogue – it even changes the possible meaning of Chloe’s response.

. . .

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