Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Jason Kong

Strictly speaking, building an email list is optional. Except if you’re a self-publishing fiction author, it really isn’t.

Whether you’re looking to get more readers, garner more support, or generate more sales, email marketing will help accelerate your progress. Activities such as launching your next book or encouraging positive word-of-mouth for your latest project will see better results too.

While you’ll want to use a list management service such as AWeber or MailChimp, that’s just the first step. Email marketing takes skill, but it’s also useful to understand how the practice works within the context of being a fiction writer.

That’s the purpose of this article. Here are seven insights to improve your email marketing if you’re a storyteller by trade: 
  1. There’s only one kind of person you want subscribing 
Everyone talks about the importance of making your email list bigger. The problem with this common view is that the emphasis is on getting more people, not what kind of people you’re drawing in.

Who do you want signing up? Readers who already care about your fiction writing. . .

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Happy writing and running, Kathy

P.S. I have five more weeks in my post surgery walking boot (12 total), but I discovered yesterday I could ride my recumbent bicycle while wearing the boot. I can't go fast, but I'm not a "fastie" anyway! At least my calf won't continue to atrophy. I don't think I'll be ready for Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon (might be able to do the 7-miler) on March 28, but I think I'll be ready for the Pig in Cincy on May 3. 

This afternoon the Cats play the Cards in Louisville. Perfect time to do a bit of biking while watching the game. GO CATS!  

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