Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Rachel Wilson

When my director friend Matt Miller said he wanted to direct a trailer for Don’t Touch, I did cartwheels. When he asked what my dream trailer might look like, I began to twitch and mumble.

Time for a treatment. Planning a book trailer can be daunting. If you’re working with a director or photographer, a treatment will put everyone on the same page. Even if you’re making the trailer all by your lonesome, a clear plan for what you intend to shoot is a must.

A treatment outlines what will be seen on screen—it gives a sense of tone and reads in present tense. Yours may look like a screenplay script, or it may read more like a synopsis of shots. The format is not so important as helping the team envision the final product and creating a guide for shooting.

Here are a few strategies based on what I learned while working on the trailer for Don’t Touch:

Ask what the central message is that you want viewers to take away from your trailer…

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