Monday, October 13, 2014

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Wellthe Queen Bee Half Marathon is in the books. I finished faster than I did in my last half marathon a few months ago. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect. Two of my grandchildren were waiting at the finish line. 

I’m having surgery on my foot in three weeks and will rehab over the winter. Hopefully, I'll be ready for the Flying Pig in May. Until then, I’ll spend as much time as possible working on my next book. Not much else to do when you can’t walk!  

Happy writing and running, Kathy


By: Adriana Bielkova

You know the drill: revise the structure; look at plot flow; do more work on this or that character; check grammar and spelling; proofread. Hang on a second… you forgot to line edit! Line editing makes your sentences the best they can be. That means removing all the unnecessary words; making sure the word usage is correct and that the writing flows seamlessly. A professional line editor will do this for you, but it’s a useful skill to master if you can. Below are ten things to look out for that’ll make the most out of your line edit.

Make sure your sentences make sense

Read your work as a reader with a fresh pair of eyes – this might mean putting the work aside for a few weeks and doing something else. Look out for clunky wordings, wrong tenses and misused metaphors.

Syntax should be easy to follow and understand

. . .

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