Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Rachel Thompson

Someone asked me yesterday if they absolutely had to have an eBook version for their book. Someone else asked today what are the top three marketing activities. Finally, I received this message: What’s Twitter? How do I start a blog?

There are a number of components to create an ‘author platform,’ and because this is a quick overview, I suggest you do some further reading (here on this site) or on the links I provide. So let’s deconstruct.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. There is always something extra or more we can be doing to connect with readers. But that’s the main component you want to keep in mind: building your platform is about building relationships and connecting with readers. It’s not the hard sell!

1) A Spectacular Book . . .

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If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again:
  1. Seriously Write: Going Against the Grain of Writing Advice by Christine Lindsay
  2. 15 Terms Every Indie Author Should Know | Wise Ink's Blog for Indie Authors about Self-Publishing
  3. Tips For Vetting A Book Blogger’s Platform | Molly Greene: Writer
  4. Reading for Writers 101: Is Your Story Ending ‘Right’? »
  5. The Character Biography – Writing more to write less - Writers Write
  6. Writer Unboxed » C-c-considering Cadence: Understanding One Quality of Voice
  7. Option Clauses in Publishing Contracts – friend or foe to an author? | The Violet Femmes
  8. Maleficent, Elphaba, and You: The Secret to Writing Villains
  9. The Hidden Power of Layering the RIGHT Desires in Your Story - Writingeekery
  10. Types Of Subplots | Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: So Now You're a Screenwriter...
  11. Fiction University: Should You Cut That Character?
  12. Writing Questions Answered Editing: The Different Types of Editing
  13. Infographics: Everything You Need to Know | Social Media Examiner
  14. BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Creating An Author’s Image: Who Do You Want To Be?
  15. The Self-Publishing Revolution Is Only Just Beginning. Reflections On My Stockholm Trip | The Creative Penn
  16. Agent Monday: Writing a First Draft | Marie Lamba, author
  17. Does Genre Matter: Romance « Flash Fiction Chronicles
  18. When the Publishing Industry Looks at Itself in the Mirror, Does It Like What It Sees? - GalleyCat
  19. Quick Win: When You’ve Run Out of Stuff To Write About | Linky Blog
  20. Improve Your Character’s… Gestures | C H Griffin
  21. Writing Scenes v. Narration: Know the Difference | Linda S. Clare
  22. Is Pinterest Right for You? - Author Media
  23. Writability: How to Make Up a Language for Your WIP
  24. 3 cool things you can do as a Goodreads author - Build Book Buzz
  25. Four Book Marketing Tips « WriterlandWriterland
  26. What You Need To Sell More Books -- Basic Overview
  27. Five Ways to Use Goodreads to Your Best Author Advantage! - Where Writers Win
  28. The Positively WRONG Way to Write a Smart Character - Helping Writers Become Authors
  29. How To Build A Perfect Blog Post | Molly Greene: Writer
Happy writing and running, Kathy

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