Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Daniel Decker

One of the things many authors do when launching their book is to run a “giveaway” promotion on their blog, social media or on other blogs, etc.

But that strategy could actually HURT your sales and here’s why…

In most cases a book giveaway promotion requires people to register, comment or engage in some way to win.

Here comes the problem…

Almost everyone who registers to win is now NOT going to buy the book because they are WAITING to see if they won.

And if they don’t win, they might buy the book but then again… they might not because their excitement waned.

Do you see the issue?

Now, I’m definitely not saying you should never give away copies of your book. Getting copies into people’s hands is extremely important. What I am saying is that the timing of these giveaways matters.

Giveaways pre-release are great. They build buzz, help with early adopters getting content, etc.

I’d just reconsider doing a giveaway at launch / public release. That’s when they can hurt.

You might be wondering…

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