Saturday, August 9, 2014

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By: Writer’s Relief

Rejection is commonplace for writers—we all go through it. But there are certain glaring errors a writer can avoid to decrease the odds that his/her manuscript gets tossed in the slush pile.

Steer clear of these five mistakes, and you just might find your luck changing for the better!


Typos. It’s as sinple as that. I mean simple. See?! As someone who’s presenting him- or herself as a purveyor of language, it’s best to be sure your spelling is on point. If a literary agent sees a manuscript strewn with typos and misspellings, it’s bound for the see-you-never pile.

Improper formatting. Most agencies have formatting guidelines, and if not, there’s always the industry standard to follow. Not adhering to the formatting guidelines is an instant turnoff.

And who wants to read fifty pages of a manuscript written in Chiller font (even if it is your horror masterpiece!)?

Wrong or insufficient material. Along with their formatting guidelines, agents will have a specification of what materials they need you to send. If a literary agent asks for the query letter ONLY, it’s inappropriate to send your whole novel.

On the contrary, insufficient materials will push you further down the sink hole. Agents don’t have time to chase you for the materials they requested, so they’ll just toss the manuscript instead.

Long tangents:

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