Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Susan Gourley

If you've made the decision to query and agent or editor or decided to pitch your novel in person at a writers' conference, you may have heard the term, 'high concept.' If you check out an agent or editor 'wanted' list, many of them will say their desire high concept fiction. They might specify such as high concept romance or science fiction. What does that mean?

High concept fiction is a novel that can be captured with a brief description that immediately attracts attention. It's a hook or title captured in a single sentence. That sentence is what's fun in your story. It's the book in a single image. It's the very essence of the novel's premise. It is the entertainment value of the piece.

The story has to have an original and unique premise that grabs attention before even reading a word of the actual book.

High concept fiction appeals to a mass audience and hopefully garners the attention of cross-over fans from other genres. Perhaps a thriller with a love subplot that appeals to romance readers.

Strong emotions are raised by high concept fiction. Emotions that linger such as fear, joy, love, hate and rage.

High concepts inspire the mind to paint a picture . . .

. . .

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