Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Joanna Penn  

While this site is now aimed at being a graduate education for author-entrepreneurs, I still get emails every day from new authors who are just discovering self-publishing.

I suggest that they start with my Author 2.0 Blueprint, and the other free resources as well as theaudio podcast. Plus I wrote this checklist for new self-published authors when I published my Dad’s first book. But there are always more questions!

So today, Debbie Flint offers some tips for promoting your first book. This will also be one of the last guest posts on the site, so expect to hear from me more in future posts.

When a new author presses the ‘publish’ button and creates their first ever title, what happens next?

Now more than ever, success in self-publishing is all about ‘discoverability’, especially if you want to spread the word about your very first self-published novel (or your second or third but for the complete beginner in particular, it’s even more daunting).

Which extra strategies will best help spread the word?

Once the big day has come and gone and the initial rush of sales has (hopefully) happened, once you’ve told everyone you already know that it’s out there and numbers have begun to stall, how then do you continue to spread the word without continuously tweeting ‘buy my book, here’s my book, oh by the way, buy my book?’

Here are some of the technical tools you can toy around with to help progress your reach. Many of these are Amazon based as most self-published authors make a large percentage of income there, but some are not related to Amazon and are available to all.

1. Freebie launch – Also Boughts

. . .

Read the full article HERE!


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Happy writing and running, Kathy

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