Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

My daughters and my niece
I returned home from a ten-day visit in New York City last Tuesday then left again on Friday for an absolutely gorgeous weekend at The Cloisters in Sea Island, Georgia attending my niece’s wedding. Other than posting a few pictures on Facebook, I severed the tether to my computer. Boy, did that feel good! 

This week, I have to finish my tax return then get back to work. My critique partner is waiting for new chapters and readers are waiting for the next book in the Celtic Brooch Trilogy.  

Other than my granddaughter’s dance recital at the end of the month, I’m digging in until The Sapphire Brooch is finished. If anyone has any tips on how to stay focused when spring knocks at your door, please let me know! After a delightful taste of seventy degree temps, it will be hard to stay inside and work, but at least I won’t have to run in the cold! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!  


If you missed my writing & marketing tweets from the end of last week, here they are again:
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Happy running and writing, Kathy 

My brother (father of the bride)

My girls! 

My 5 grandchildren

Daughters and their families

With Ken (the best boyfriend a girl could have!)

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