Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Ninie Hammon

Years ago, a famous columnist from a big metro daily and I co-taught a session on column-writing for the Kentucky Press Association Boot Camp. His approach to the craft and mine could not have been more different.

Bob described how he worked on his lead, probably spent a third of the time it took to write the whole column working on that one sentence. Then he crafted and polished a second sentence and hooked it to the first. And then a third. He worked his way through the column that way, paragraph by paragraph so that when he typed the final word in the last sentence, the column was finished.

I didn’t work that way. I described how I sat down at the typewriter (if you’re younger than 40, Google it. There will be pictures.), closed my eyes and started writing. I didn’t stop writing, not for missing information, grammar problems, misspelled words or anything else, until I was completely finished. But when I typed the final word in the last sentence, I was only at the end of the beginning. What followed was a 2nd draft, a 3rd, a 7th, a 12th; however many it took to polish that rough first draft into a column ready to publish.

Though it’s not my style, it’s easy for me to understand how a journalist could write a column the way Bob did. It’s far harder for me to understand how a novelist could write a book that way, and there are some who do. The difference, of course, is story.

Which brings us to the CFD. 

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