Thursday, December 5, 2013

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By Ninie Hammon

No, wait,what about the little dog?

What dog?

The dog you introduced in Chapter 5. You remember, Sparky. The mutt the kid found at the rest stop and the kidnapper thought it would calm the boy down so he let him keep it. Did the kid take Sparky with him when he got away?

Uh, well . . .

And the old couple, what happened to them?

There was an old couple?

The old couple at the gas station! Maude and Clarence Higginbotham. Maude recognized the boy from his picture on television but Clarence said it wasn’t the same kid and they argued about calling the police. Did they? Is that why that State Trooper pulled up? And when the kidnapper blew up the propane tanker to get rid of the Trooper, did Maude and Clarence die in the fire?

Well, I guess they … I don’t know.

You don’t know! How can you not know, you wrote it.

The preceding is not a conversation you want to have with Loyal Reader at a book-signing. Or worse, a conversation you never have with anybody so you have no idea why the proceeds from your book sales only inhabit the right side of the decimal point.

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