Sunday, December 1, 2013

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I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Weekend.

I started the morning with a 10K in Cincinnati. It was 22 degrees at race time, and I doubted my sanity, but it was a beautiful day. I dressed in layers and stayed warm

That was my last race of the year. After a marathon, half-marathon, two 5Ks, and one 10K in eight weeks, my body is welcoming a rest. So, I'm hunkering down to get the first draft of The Sapphire Brooch finished before Christmas

I didn't reach the NaNo goal of 50K words. I ended short at 30,000, but that's a good start on this Civil War drama. I'm trying to write this draft based on research I've already done, but that's hard to do when a question pops up. I tried inserting RESEARCH into the spot, but that didn't work so well because I wouldn't remember what I wanted to include. I quickly switched to track changes and inserted comments instead. Having a map for this story is making all the difference. Here are my points of interest: 
  1. First, understand the concept 
  2. Then develop that into a premise
  3. Figure out the theme
  4. Understand the goals, motivations, conflict of the protagonist
  5. Move on to the first plot point
  6. Then spin the story into a new direction 
  7. Plug in the pinch point 
  8. And you soon arrive at the mid-point 
  9. Plop in the second plot point 
  10. And voila! You reach THE END! 
Now, nothing about that is easy and each bullet point has multiple sub-points. I lost a week of NaNo writing because I didn't have this worked out in advance. Next year I will!

Happy writing, running & shopping, Kathy


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Happy writing & running, Kathy

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