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By Creative Indie

I’ve been designing covers for a few years, and I often have to confront cover design myths perpetuated by indie-publishing gurus and thought leaders.

There’s a lot of advice out there for indie authors, and some of it is contradictory, which has the unfortunate effect of allowing indie authors to accept the advice they like and agree with, and ignore the stuff they don’t want to think about.

My views on book cover design aren’t in sync with the general pulse of the indie publishing community – but keep in mind that:

1. most of the indie publishing community are not book designers
2. most self-published books have pretty awful book covers
3. an extremely small percentage of indie authors are actually making a living

I feel like I’m battling a hydra (multi-headed dragon whose heads grow back) as I constantly deal with new authors over the same issues, so I thought I’d share this post to bust a few myths and
possibly change some paradigms.

So here are some things I think most indie authors secretly believe about book cover design, and why they’re totally wrong.

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