Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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By Stefan Vucak

When I get into a hole while writing, to clear my head and let things sort themselves out, which they usually do, I download an e-book to review. Saying it like that, the process sounds simple, but selecting a book is fraught with apprehension and hopeful expectation. Bombarded with flashy covers and eye-catching blurbs, sometimes not so, I look for a book that will entertain and transport me into the author’s world, but more often than not, I walk away disappointed. 

Regardless of genre, I skip over a potential book because so many authors fail to write a good blurb. Some write about their prowess, great reviews the book received elsewhere, or just give you a link to Amazon. I always smile at that one while skipping to the next in the list. Then there are blurbs with spelling and grammar mistakes, and clumsy sentences; a sure way to switch me off no matter how good the book might be. Still, I sometimes overlook these things if the outline promises a reasonable read. The idea is to be objective and impartial, giving the book a chance to surprise me. Although a nice cover might sway me, I always make my decision to review something based on the blurb.

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