Thursday, October 31, 2013

Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

How do you embed a tweet into a blog post? 
  1. Click on the tweet you want to embed
  2. Click “More”
  3. Click embed tweet
  4. Copy HTML
  5. Paste HTML into your post. 
There you have it!


If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again: 
  1. Drive More Traffic with Hashtags!
  2. The Other Side of the Story: Real Life Diagnostics: Dealing With Telling and Backstory in an Opening Scene
  3. NaNoWriMo Prep: How Do You Write More in Less Time? | Lindsay Buroker
  4. How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives on Twitter
  5. How to Generate Twitter Leads With Their New Lead Generation Cards
  6. Answers to Questions About Subject-Verb Agreement #2
  7. RT @elizabethscraig: 5 Ways to Pace Your Story:
  8. The Age of the Algorithm | Scratch Magazine
  9. The Slow Release—Not the End of the World | Mystery Writing is Murder
  10. 3 Tips for Creative Graphic Novels Aimed at Young Readers - GalleyCat
  11. Having Self-Discipline All Year (Not Just During NaNo!) -
  12. Cockeyed Caravan: The Ultimate Story Checklist: An Education
  13. 5 Steps to Author Blogging Success — The Book Designer
  14. Writability: Series or Standalone: Which Do You Prefer?
  15. Is Grammarly free trial worth it? - Build Book Buzz
  16. How Often Should Authors Post To Social Media?
  17. NEW RULE-- No more Binge Publishing! by LIbby Hellmann
  18. Definitions for 34 Twitter Terms You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask About
  19. Five Tips For Your First Five Pages - Writer's Relief, Inc.
  20. David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants—What to Look for in a Reader
  21. 5 Habits of Motivated Novelists - Rachelle Gardner
  22. Author Blog Pros And Cons | Molly Greene: Writer
  23. What Makes A Plot Boring? How Can An Author Avoid Boring Readers?
  24. Can You Include Song Lyrics in Your Book? - GalleyCat

Happy writing & running, Kathy 

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