Thursday, October 17, 2013

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ASRM 5K - Boston Harbor
I traveled to Boston last Saturday, ran a 5K around the Harbor Monday morning, ate some fantastic food, then took the train to NYC yesterday afternoon. What a fun adventure. Traveling by rail is stress free. I paid a bit extra and purchased a first-class ticket. Plenty of room, a desk for my computer, and great service. I've struggled with dehydration this week, so I passed on the Bloody Marys, but I was tempted. The Connecticut shore, by the way, is gorgeous.

Massachusetts General Hospital 
Paul S. Russell Medical Museum 
 case of instruments used in the war
I’m researching Civil War medicine this week, along with running in Central Park training for the Monumental Half-Marathon the first weekend in November. But the real reason I’m here is to enjoy my grandchildren.

Civil War era doctors trained either in New York or Philadelphia. Charlotte’s (the heroine in The Sapphire Brooch—a time travel romance) great-great-great-great-grandfather attended the Medical College of the University of New York and was a surgeon during the war—Major Charles M. Mallory. He served in the Army of the Valley under Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal Early. Charlotte portrays this fictional ancestor during CW reenactments. It will be interesting to see what happens when she is “zapped” back to the real Battle of Cedar Creek while participating in the reenactment.

Sperm Mobile at the ASRM Expo
American Society of Reproductive Medicine
I love research and immersing myself in whatever I’m studying. My significant other and I had dinner Monday night in Boston with several of his medical colleagues. 

After meeting one of the doctors, who could have come straight from central casting, I mentally dressed him in a Union cavalry uniform. Even the color of his hair was dead-on the color of Braham’s (the hero in the story—a Major in the Union Cavalry and a special agent reporting directly to President Lincoln).  Life imitating art. I love it when that happens.

Hope you have a great day writing & running, Kathy


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