Thursday, September 5, 2013

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B&B in Napa, CA
I stayed here last year while researching for this story
The Last MacKlenna ~ Travel to the present in this sequel to The Ruby Brooch, a sensuous love story with a strong cast of memorable, colorful, and entertaining characters woven into a high-stakes romantic suspense.

Edinburgh, Scotland
I stayed here while researching in Edinburgh
As president of her family’s Napa, California winery, Meredith Montgomery has her hands full with launching a new wine when a personal tragedy from her past catches up with her again. Taking refuge in Scotland for a working holiday, she meets charming Thoroughbred breeder, Elliott Fraser. She wants to keep her distance and focus on her work, but his Scottish brogue promises an irresistible distraction from her past and her pain. Although a marathoner, Meredith finds she’s simply not able to run very far from the irascible Highlander’s bed.

Unfortunately, a crisis tears them apart within days of discovering each other, but their passion refuses to be quieted, setting off an explosive chain of events that threaten their hopes for the future. One careless moment is about to confront them with a life or death decision that could ultimately destroy the MacKlenna family legacy forever. 

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