Monday, September 30, 2013

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Battle of Cedar Creek Reenactment
Charlotte Mallory is a surgeon in Richmond, VA and a
Civil War reenactor. In THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH,
she is transported back in time to the real battle
Battle of Cedar Creek encampment
This dress is beautiful!  
R. Clifton Spargo on writing historical fiction: "From my perspective, however, the real urgency resides in the "why." Why bother to tell this story of the past at all? Why now? Why again? There must be some way in which the story you tell about the past impinges on our present."

Later, he says, "To offer a twist on an Aristotelian adage, Shakespeare finds [in Antony and Cleopatra] the "universal in the historical"—he tells us a story about the allure of passion and its potentially destructive consequences. That's why we revisit that tragedy time and again."

As I set out to write the first draft of THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH, my job as a writer is to find the "universal in the historical." To quote a reviewer in a recent review . . ."THE RUBY BROOCH delivers on all accounts, and in the end reveals that most precious of all time’s treasures — love." 

Hopefully, when the end is written, the same will be said of THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH as Braham and Charlotte find their happily ever after.


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