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Air Force Marathon
September 21, 2013

Air Force Marathon 2013


If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets Saturday, Sunday and Monday, here they are again: 
  1. How to Build Engagement With Story, Strategy, and Structure — The Book Designer http://ow.ly/p5ycc
  2. Goodreads Announces New Content Policy – Now Deletes Reviews Which Mention Author Behavior | The Passive Voice | http://ow.ly/p5yfC
  3. Query Letters: How To Think Like A Literary Agent  http://ow.ly/p5yCh
  4. Finding The Upside When Life Is Upside Down | Molly Greene: Writer http://ow.ly/p5ykp
  5. Official Website of Jami Gold, Paranormal Author Are Beat Sheets Intimidating? Cut through the Clutter http://ow.ly/p5yNl
  6. Novel Rocket: When You Don't Fit the Moldhttp://ow.ly/p5yQ1
  7. Pinterest Promoted Pins, This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner http://ow.ly/p5zBm
  8. The Opposite of Success - Books & Such Literary Agency : Books & Such Literary Agency http://ow.ly/p5AMh
  9. How to approach media with your book? @cabodensteiner talks about that & more @AuthorFeast http://t.co/fjCiqmwuNV #PRPro#AuthorInterview
  10. 7 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Growing Your Fiction Readership (And What to Do About Them) http://ow.ly/p5AW2
  11. Is Crowdfunding Right for You? by Justine Schofield http://ow.ly/p5AZa
  12. Anne R. Allen's Blog: Blog Communities: Forming a Safe Place for New Writers in a Scary Online World http://ow.ly/p63OH
  13. BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Making Your Book More Promotable http://ow.ly/p63Rk
  14. 5 Tips for Writing and Marketing Young Adult / Teen Books | The Creative Penn http://ow.ly/p63WB
  15. Describing a Character's Appearance http://ow.ly/p63YC
  16. Musicality and Reader Emotions | Ingrid's Notes http://ow.ly/p642o
  17. Sell More on Amazon.com:Understanding Keywords, Categories, & Amazon's Algorithm's by Penny C. Sansevieri http://ow.ly/p649Y
  18. Creating Incredible but Credible Characters: Keeping your Characters Consistent | Bertram's Blog http://ow.ly/p64eX
  19. 5 Issues That Affect How You Should Price Your Book | Book Marketing Strategies and Tips For Authors http://ow.ly/p64T0
  20. Southern Writers: Suite T: Getting Rid of the Parts Readers Skip http://ow.ly/p64Y4
  21. Pricing for Launch: Book 1 in a New Series, Go High or Low? | Lindsay Buroker http://ow.ly/p6imX
  22. The Other Side of the Story: Real Life Diagnostics: Balancing Internalization and Action in an Opening Scene http://ow.ly/p6ip2
  23. How Filmmakers Build Social Media Authority | Raindance Film Festival http://ow.ly/p6iF0
  24. Writing Setting and Other Description—Getting Past the “Who Cares?” Aspect | Mystery Writing is Murder http://ow.ly/p6A6W
  25. Author, Jody Hedlund: Action and Reaction: The Building Blocks of Story Structure http://ow.ly/p6A9i
  26. Writing Fantasy Battles - A Look At Strategy | Fantasy Faction http://ow.ly/p6Aco
  27. How to develop a writer’s instinct | Nail Your Novel http://ow.ly/p6Aha
  28. Social Sharing, How to Inspire Fans to Share Your Stories | Social Media Examiner http://ow.ly/p6AmD
  29. Penguin Canada gives self-published novel a boost | The Passive Voice | http://ow.ly/p6Aqw
  30. 5 Things Writers Should Know Right Now - Rachelle Gardner http://ow.ly/p6Aup
  31. 5 Reasons to Use a Facebook Profile (Not a Page) to Build Platform by Lisa Hall-Wilson http://ow.ly/p6Bcn
  32. Examining Wattpad » Book Promotion . com http://ow.ly/p6Bqf
  33. Goodreads Announces New Content Policy - Now Deletes Reviews Which Mention Author Behavior - The Digital Reader http://ow.ly/p6BvB
  34. Enhance your ebook and your bottom line with creative hyperlinks | Good Words http://ow.ly/p6ByL
  35. When Affiliate Marketing Can Be a WIN/WIN/WIN Situation : @ProBlogger http://ow.ly/p6BLX
  36. 7 Steps To Self-Publishing Your Backlist Title... http://ow.ly/p7fVL by J.M. Madden:
  37. The Other Side of the Story: Open Up! Writing the Opening Scene http://ow.ly/p7hi1
  38. A Call to Disarm Technology and Hype by L.L. Barkat http://ow.ly/p7iv1
  39. Describing a Character's Appearance http://ow.ly/p7iE1
  40. Interviews--My Checklist for Skype Interviews, Podcasts, or Radio | Mystery Writing is Murder http://ow.ly/p7iI3
  41. The Downside of Publishing..? | Mandyevebarnett's Blog http://ow.ly/p7iYO
  42. 13 Surprising Ways to Add Depth to a Story | A. Victoria Mixon, Editor http://ow.ly/p7j3u
  43. Karen Woodward: Hugh Howey, Liliana Hart and Matthew Mather: How To Write And Sell Books http://ow.ly/p7jbZ
  44. SHAKESPEARE system for helping authors figure out self-publishing | Matthew Mather http://ow.ly/p7joS
  45. What to Look for When Hiring an Independent Book Editor http://ow.ly/p7vwO
  46. 12 Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions Answered http://ow.ly/p7vPI
  47. How to “Write Like Rowling” http://ow.ly/p7J0v
  48. Social Media And The Future Of Destination Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter http://ow.ly/p8D4k
  49. The Dos and Don’ts of Blogging - 10,000 Words http://ow.ly/p8Dja
  50. Author, Jody Hedlund: 5 Elements Sigh-Worthy Romance Novels Must Have http://ow.ly/p8Dv4
  51. 3 Great Ways To Find Readers For Your Books On Twitter | Bestseller Labs http://ow.ly/p8NSe
  52. Author Naming And Shaming: A Quick Comment « terribleminds: chuck wendig http://ow.ly/p8Uql
  53. Karen Woodward: 10 Tips On How To Write A Book http://ow.ly/p8Zlu
  54. Don’t blame Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter for the fact that technology changes behavior | The Passive Voice | http://ow.ly/p8Zsi
  55. Writing A Novel: How Story Structure Creates Foreshadowing | The Creative Penn http://ow.ly/p90UO
  56. How To Be Creative: 10 Daily Rituals Of Brilliant and Successful Creators ← Love My Life Right Now http://ow.ly/p91qQ
  57. 10 Questions to Ask an Agent | Writing and Illustrating http://ow.ly/p91Dr
  58. How Online Reviews Can Increase Book Sales | Book Marketing Strategies and Tips For Authors http://ow.ly/p91MH

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