Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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I am thrilled to announce that  

The Last MacKlenna 

will be released 

Labor Day Weekend!

A three year labor of love dedicated to my 
breast cancer surviving sisters-in-law 
Rhonda McMillin Lowry Donna Conelly Lowry
and in memory of my third sister-in-law
Sally Manning Lowry 
who lost her 12 year battle with breast cancer on 
October 29, 2012
To my Mom 
~ Anne Lyle Poe Lowry Brown ~ 
who died June 30, 2013


When California vintner Meredith Montgomery discovers she might be facing breast cancer a second time, she buries herself in a working Christmas holiday in Scotland. Launching a new wine is a risky and costly venture, and she can’t afford to fail. But her attention is distracted by Elliott Fraser, a handsome, irresistible, and irascible Scotsman.

Elliott Fraser is CEO of MacKlenna Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. He is in control of everything in his life, except his demons, and a leg injury that refuses to heal. When a multi-million-dollar Thoroughbred is murdered, he believes an old nemesis is out to destroy the farm. It’s the worst possible time to meet a woman who loves Scotland, horses, and a wee half when she’s thirsty—a woman he thought didn’t exist.

As their health and work problems tear them apart within days of meeting, their passion refuses to be quieted setting off an explosive chain of events that threaten their hopes and dreams.

There are few things more devastating than a broken heart and one careless moment is about to confront them with an impossible choice: Life or Death.

This riveting story continues the saga of romance across generations of the MacKlenna family that began with The Ruby Brooch. Readers will love how the two story lines are intricately woven together to reveal Kit MacKlenna's lasting legacy in this fascinating and addictive series. 


*This is a stand-alone book. However, it does pick up where The Ruby Brooch (a time travel romance) ends. The story is a heart-pumping romantic suspense with a significant emotional journey that edges the story into women's fiction, along with depth of character and symbolism that give it a touch of literary fiction.


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 Happy writing & running, Kathy


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