Sunday, August 11, 2013

Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts PLUS Information About a Cool Writing Resource

Today, I have a writing resource to share: Pro Writing Aid. There's a free version that allows you to paste a block of text into the application. Then, you click analyze and get a summary report of overused words, sentence length, grammar, writing style, sticky sentences, cliches, etc. 

There's also a premium version you can purchase for $35.00 for a 1-year subscription. The upgrade gives you more options, including an addin for Microsoft Word. It’s well worth the money. There's also a WordPress plugin that brings the power of Pro Writing Aid into that blogging platform.

Here’s a sample of the pronoun report. Scary, huh! 

So, what do I do with the report after I recover from the initial shock? 

I read the page closely to see if any of the pronouns can be changed. Often a little tweak here or there reduces the number. It does take a while to work through the page, but it makes the writing stronger and tighter. 

Try it, you might like it.

Today is a rest day. Happy writing and running, Kathy


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