Tuesday, February 26, 2013

17 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

The Tabor Lane Spotlight Shines On the Following Authors

Angela Ackerman @AngelaAckerman
H.M. Alder @TidesBook
Keith Rommel @Keithrommel

I hope you’ll visit their websites and follow them on Twitter.


If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again: 
  1. How 1 writer has dramatically increased her word count: http://t.co/1qMGrrvxDe  @KatieGanshert RT @elizabethscraig
  2. Fleshing Out Your Protagonist: Creating An Awesome Character http://ow.ly/i0rM4 via @woodwardkaren
  3. Dear Lack of Follow-Through: A Letter to My Anti-Muse http://ow.ly/i0rSa
  4. Three Ways Cause and Effect Can Build Your Story http://ow.ly/i0rVI
  5. How much internalized self-awareness does a character need? http://ow.ly/i0s2A
  6. Two Year Self-Publishing Anniversary–Thoughts on the Past and What’s Going to Work in the Future http://ow.ly/i0saS via @Lindsayburoker
  7. Don’t Make Me Slap You! When Erotica Crosses the Line http://ow.ly/i0siV
  8. Ray Bradbury On How To Keep And Feed A Muse http://ow.ly/i0sol via @woodwardKaren
  9. 17 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts http://ow.ly/i1a9Q
  10. When Is a Question Not a Question? http://ow.ly/i1l3w via Daily Writing Tips
  11. Classic Romance vs Contemporary Romance http://t.co/J6p49quDhe @lydia_sharp RT @janice_hardy
  12. Options for Reactions in a Sequel: http://t.co/9SOM6TGrYe @KMWeiland RT @elizabethscraig
  13. 3 Warning Signs When Bringing Your Own Emotions into Fiction Writing: http://t.co/0zCQ14U4nf @cateartios RT @elizabethscraig
  14. To Space or Not To Space and Other Typewriter Formatting Throwbacks: http://t.co/B97XY4MxDx @HowToWriteShop RT @elizabethscraig
  15. The State Of Mobile Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] http://ow.ly/i2See
  16. How To Get Out of Your Character’s Way http://ow.ly/i2Skw
  17. Writing Gender-Specific Dialogue http://ow.ly/i2SrC

I’m always looking for great content to share. If you have a writing and/or marketing blog, or have a favorite that you visit often, please leave a link in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy writing & running, Kathy

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