Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writing & Marketing Tweets from December 28, 2012

Knees are wrapped after the marathon.
That should have told me something!
I’ve had tendonitis for about two months and have rested, iced, and forced myself to reduce mileage and pace and not run on the street/sidewalk. I am though, doing easy runs on the treadmill—an instrument of torture, or so I thought until last week. Since I discovered that I can jog for an hour and read my Kindle, I’ve been in seventh heaven. I struggle with carving out reading time. Now that I can run and read, I not only renewed my membership at the gym, but I’m seriously considering buying a treadmill. Gosh, if I can run/read for an hour on someone else’s equipment, how many books could I read with my own?
See that’s my problem. I do things to excess and that’s how I ended up with bum knees. I ran a marathon and three weeks later ran a half-marathon. Dumb! Maybe someone half my age with more experience can do that, but not a 62-year-old newbie runner.
I do that with writing. I get into a writing frenzy and the house could burn down around me and I wouldn’t even smell the smoke. That ability to concentrate and focus, I suppose, is what enables a writer to get inside a character, feel their emotions, and understand what drives them, and then put it all down on paper.
Sometimes though, that focus can be unhealthy, at least for me. Like upping my mileage and increasing my pace was unhealthy for my knees, staying too long in my writer’s world is detrimental to relationships. I need to step away both physically and emotionally. Yes, that’s hard to do. Now, if I could only find the equivalent of a treadmill, I could do both. Nah, that wouldn’t work. I’d start writing a love scene and fall right off the dang thing! 
Maybe the answer is to use a training calendar like I do for running. I know exactly how many miles I need to do a day, how often I need a cross-training day, and how many rest days I need to fit in. It wouldn’t be difficult to add a word count to the calendar. Along with a word count, I could include rest days. Like resting my legs, it’s important to clear my mind, too. Then I can come back fresh and ready to write again.
I think I’ve just written my New Year’s Resolution. WooHoo! 
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Happy writing & running, Kathy 

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