Friday, June 29, 2012

Life Didn't Used To Be So Complicated, Or Did it?

            Once upon a time, computers weren’t so complicated, and I was younger. Now, that I can no longer fix computer problems, and I’m older, what’s the future hold for me?

            Today, the picture icons on my laptop look like identical flowers. To fix the problem (according to what I found when I Googled the issue), I had to find the IconCache.db.

            Seriously, what the heck is that? Google again. One of the steps was to delete the IconCache.db, then the computer would rebuild itself (yeah, right). I went through all the steps but it didn’t fix the problem. I still have cute little flowers instead of pictures.

            Life didn’t used to be so complicated. Or, maybe it’s always been complicated and now I just accept that as the way things are.  Fortunately, in the midst of complications we are often given second chances. I found this little ditty on Facebook this morning.


I’m living second chances now!

            Folks my age who have been athletes all their lives, complain about their aches and pains and knees and backs. Since I just start running, I don’t have that extra wear and tear on my joints. Am I glad I waited this long to get serious about exercise? No, not at all, but I am thankful my knees don’t hurt.

            How about second chances in relationships? Not particularly the same relationship, but a second chance at finding a perfect mate. I read another little ditty this morning:

While that’s a great thought and certainly made my Sweetie’s day when I sent the ditty in a text message, it doesn’t give you the benefit of finding a perfect love, knowing what you know now with your mistakes behind you.

            There are tons of people who get it right from the get-go. But there are others, like me, who need second chances. Heck sign me up for the third and fourth rounds, too.

            Writing romance novels is all about second chances. We take wounded heroes, match them with wounded heroines, and create happy-ever-afters.

            No one is going to write my happy-ever-after. It’s something I have to do myself, much like the 12-miles I have to run in the morning in the 100 degree temp hovering over the city, But doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it in a vacuum. I have help from a wonderful man who will track my run and bring me cold water, help from fantastic writer friends who will read my drafts and critique my work, and help from supportive running buddies who will cheer me on and run with me. And, I also have Dell computer support.

            Maybe life is complicated because we’d become complacent if it wasn’t. Lounging on a hammock under a shade tree drinking a cool glass of sweet iced tea sounds like an ideal summer afternoon, but I wouldn’t want to spend every day like that. Throw in a problem like delete the IconCache.db and I’ll have just enough angst to pit my hero and heroine against each other and still have energy to run one more mile.

            I hope you have second chances to do all that you want to do, and if life gets too complicated that you always have Dell support just a phone call away.

            Happy writing and running, Kathy

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